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Wist je dat Bali een aantal fantastische muck-duikstekken heeft? Of dat de naam mola mola eigenlijk niet de juiste naam is voor de maanvis die je hier in Bali vindt? Ontdek interessante wetenswaardigheden en nieuwe inzichten in Joe’s Blog.

Muck Diving in Bali – Discovering the Weird and Wonderful Critters

02 03 15 - 21:16

If you think of muck diving in Indonesia, the first location that comes to mind is probably Lembeh. But did you know you can do some amazing muck diving in Bali as well? Muck diving is probably not for everyone. If you are in it for the beautiful corals and lots of fish, these types of dives are not for you. Fortunately you have plenty of other stunning dive sites to choose from on Bali. But if you like exploring and enjoy the excitement of finding the weird and wonderful critters of the ocean amongst rubble, muck diving is probably your thing.

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